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Track Cycling has been a huge part of the Canterbury Sporting landscape for most of last Century and really took off when Denton Park was built in 1970 for the 1974 Commonwealth Games.

From here the sport has steadily built a strong following which was buoyed in 1991 with the inception of our Junior Track Cycling Development Programme that has produced 4 World Champions and 2 Olympians.

In Summer, every Sunday afternoon from 4pm to 7pm, and Wednesday nights 7pm - 9pm, Denton Park lights up with Track Cycling for all, welcoming newcomers to the sport and producing the bulk of NZ talent on the International Stage

For more information about any aspect of Track Cycling, feel free to contact one of our friendly Canterbury Track Cycling committee members.

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If you're interested in trying track cycling or would like to be a volunteer or sponsor, we'd love to hear from you.

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