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Champion Training Systems Endurance Series 2017/18

Posted on Wednesday, 6th December 2017 by Shane Buckner

Champion Training Systems have sponsored a new and exciting Endurance Points Series which starts December 10th 2017 and continues over 5 big nights with big cash prizes on offer.


The exciting last race of the evening, is everything track racing is about! Tactics, speed, endurance and of course thrills for the spectators!

The Champion Training Systems Points Series race will be the last race of the evening, and distances are outlined below.

Events are at discretion of meeting manager as long as it’s the last endurance race for their category that night

Race Events will include over the series:
8000m scratch race
10,000m scratch race
24 lap points race, sprint every 4 laps

15,000m scratch race

There is an overall prize pool for the first ten riders in the series, with special category prize money as outlined below in Womens and Masters grades. Maximum of 24 riders on the track, and if the field is full then all women race the B Grade scratch race to gain points for their category prize.

Points Allocation - A Grade
1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points, ... 10th and subsequent place getters = 1 point

Points Allocation - B Grade (Womens and Masters)
1st = 5 points, 5th = 4 points, ... 5th = 1 point

Champion Training Systems Points Series Prize Money

PlacingOverall Prize
First unplaced U19$20

Any category riders who finish in the overall still keep both prizes!

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