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The Natalie Bryden Wheelrace Series -Finalists named for 26th Feb final

Posted on Sunday, 8th January 2017 by Shane Buckner

The Natalie Bryden Wheelrace series will start the week after Elite/Under 19 nationals to be raced over three Sundays.

Format as outlined below:

1600m Handicap heats for first two weeks. Riders will accumulate points and race a Final on the third week.
The event will include Under 17, Under 19, Elite and Master Riders.

Winner takes all $500 and there will be a cup for the winner of this event.

There will also be a 1600m Wheelrace based along the same lines for Under 15.

Under 15 payout - $50, 25,15,10.

To be eligible for the final must ride both heats.

Finalists are listed below for the two Wheelraces.

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