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Notification of AGM of the Canterbury Track Cycling Club inc

Posted on Monday, 7th May 2018 by Shane Buckner

The 4th Annual General Meeting of the Canterbury Track Cycling Club inc. will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at the Track Clubrooms at Denton Velodrome.

Important dates are as follows:

7 May 2018 - Advertise AGM date
7 May 2018 - Nomination papers for committee members uploaded to website
15 May 2018 - Nomination papers must be received by Secretary
15 May 2018 - Notices of remits and motions received in writing by Secretary
22 May 2018 - Written notice of AGM readvertised on website and Facebook
29 May 2018 - Meeting date and election of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 8 members
Nomination form can be downloaded here

Either the nominator or the nominee must return this signed and completed nomination form to the current Secretary (Returning Officer) Martin Jones, by midday 15 May 2018.

This may be scanned and returned by email to; or by post, date stamped no later than 15 May 2018 to:
Canterbury Track Cycling
69 Westburn Tce
Christchurch 8041

Extracts from the Rules of the Canterbury Track Cycling Club inc. pertaining to the Annual Meeting are as follows:

  1. The Annual Meeting shall be held not later than the 30 June each year, on a date and at a place to be fixed by the Committee.
  2. Written advice of the date of the Annual Meeting shall be sent to all members, at least twenty-eight (28) days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting.
  3. Notices of motions and remits for inclusion on the Agenda of the Annual Meeting must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary 14 days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting.
  4. Written notice of the Annual Meeting shall be sent to all Members 7 day prior and that shall include a copy of the Agenda, Annual Report, Financial Accounts and any other notices.
  5. The business to be transacted at the Annual Meeting Shall be:

(1) Roll Call
(2) Apologies
(3) Confirmation of minutes or previous Annual Meeting
(4) Confirmation of minutes of any Special Meeting
(5) Presentation and Adoption of Annual Report
(6) Presentation and Adoption of Annual Financial Account
(7) Notices of Motion
(8) Remits
(9) Election of Patron, Auditors and Committee Members
(10) General Business

  1. Nominations of candidates for all elective positions must be in writing and proposed by any financial members and be received by the Secretary, 14 days prior to the Annual Meeting. Nominations must be signed by the nominee as consenting to the nomination.
  2. Members shall have one vote for each Committee member vacancy.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, voting shall be by voices or show of hands, as the Chair shall direct.
  4. A ballot shall be taken if any member with the power to vote so requests. Such ballot shall be taken immediately in such manner as the Chair directs. Ballot papers shall be destroyed in the presence of the meeting immediately after the vote is concluded satisfactorily and the results recorded in the minutes.
  5. The declaration by the Chair that a vote has been carried or lost shall be final.

  1. The management and organisation of the CTCI shall be carried out by the elected Committee, who are current financial members.
  2. The Committee Members shall be a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and a maximum of 8 other Committee Members, and minimum of 3, shall be elected at the Annual Meeting. Nominations for election to the Committee may only be accepted from financial members of the CTCI.
  3. The term of office of Committee Members shall be one year, from the date of election, unless a Committee Member gives written notice to the Secretary to retire earlier.

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